Monday, January 22, 2007


Thank you for coming to our screening at Java Co. in La Mirada!

9/11 Movie Night - Feb. 1st - Thursday @ 8pm

Thank you for joining us at the Java Co. coffeehouse for "911 Mysteries". The owner is very open to additional screenings, and with audio/video equipment already set up, it is very easy to screen films there. Java Co is located at 15286 Rosecrans Ave in La Mirada, CA. In the far left corner of the strip mall. Cross streets are La Mirada Ave. and Rosecrans Ave. The owner is very aware, so if you're in the area, grab your coffee from a guy who gets it...

For a map to Java Co click the above link or call: 714-523-2844

9/11 Movie Night will continue to host and screen films across the Orange County area each month. Currently setting up new screening residence in Huntington Beach area. Know a good venue or location? Contact us.

Friday, January 05, 2007


9/11 Movie Night Concludes run on the Riverboat...

Thank you to all who attended our Jan. 4th screening on the Riverboat in Newport Beach, CA. Our screening of "Keeping Up With Jones" marked our last screening at the Ami Beaucoup lounge. In fact, the entire riverboat is now closed. 9/11 Movie Night is actively seeking new locations for monthly screenings, and appreciate any recommendations from past, present, or future attendees! We are always seeking out individuals who can secure venues for future 9/11 Movie Nights! Drop us a line if you have one...

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