Tuesday, September 26, 2006


3rd Screening of KEEPING UP WITH JONES brings out OC community!

Our 3rd 9/11 movie screening brought out over 100 Orange County residents to sit, study, reflect, and comment on the destruction of the WTC Complex on September 11th 2001. After five years, the community gathering revealed that while people are still healing and grieving, they are also ready to ask the tough questions. Questions that Dr. Steven Jones and many others are addressing directly to government agencies like NIST and FEMA, the official bodies charged with investigating the destruction of the twin towers and building 7. A recent announcement by NIST states that its investigation on building 7 is delayed until March 2007, and a growing number of Americans are asking why. Building 7's hauntingly apparent classic controlled demolition continues to plague the official government agency investigating its free fall speed demise.

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