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9/11 MOVIE NIGHT - November 2nd Thursday @ 8pm

Please join us at the Ami Beaucoup martini lounge for an exclusive FREE screening of the new film:

90 minutes of evidence and analysis laced with staggering witness testimonials. A careful deconstruction of the official story set right alongside clean, clear science. No agenda. No finger-pointing. Just the facts and the "mysteries".

For more information about the film 911 MYSTERIES, visit:

Saw the film (911 Mysteries) last night at Ami Beaucoup. What an amazing evening! After surviving the several days following my first viewing of the film, during which my view of geopolitical reality was shaken to the core (there's that word again), and suffering a great thirst for connection with others in order to discuss the film's claims... all this was assuaged.

The venue and presentation were everything one could have hoped for ~~ deliciously comfortable seats, good drinks and food served amicably, huge screen well above viewers' heads, fine resolution and brightness of image, great sound quality, and even boats going by right outside.

The MC's were so good at doing this! The audience was a fantastic mix of about 70 clear-spoken, conversation-loving Californios, and even included a couple attractive (and practiced?) rowdies to spice things up. Everyone was very focusedly concerned. All were determined to pursue the unanswered questions. Conversations burned like scattered fires long after the end of the film, even after the MC's and waiters began to exit. No one there will forget last night.

Most questions we all have been thinking were soon answered in talking with the others there.

Responses I heard last evening:

Whoever did this are murderers!

How do we insure our vote counts at the election next week? Response: ask for hand-counted paper ballots, not removed from the precinct until counted. That's everyone's right, to have their ballots counted "in the public commons." Any and all machines are manipulable (ever been to Las Vegas, or seen a magic show?).

Who are the media, the people who have mortally snookered the American people by so blatantly censoring the news? And how do these people manage to control all the US news?

A man "from M.I.T." said, that, looking at the sum total of the potential energy of the Twin Towers buildings and the aircraft that hit them, doing the calculations, the result is that their fall could only raise the temperature of the rubble pile by 13 degrees (forgot which scale).

The woman-rowdy (bleach blond, dressed in tight, see-through black lace) burst in with a huge shout, "I don't get it! What difference does any of this make?" Her boyfriend was pushing her from behind, trying get her to move forward into the audience. One or two people yelled back at her, but the common-sense crowd soon quieted them down, and no one paid the woman any mind, even when she staged a fall off her bar stool. No one rushed to help her, so she pulled the stool over on herself... I was sitting next to her and saw every move. Still no one rushed to her aid, so she yelled to her boyfriend, "Help me up!" He obliged. We'd gotten there an hour early (no traffic on the southbound 5) and were immediately besieged by these two, who were acting pushy and theatrical even then. The first thing they asked us was if we were Democrats. "I thought so, I thought a lot of people here would be Democrats," the woman said. I told them I don't register. She then told me her father looked exactly like George Bush. She was taken aback when I asked if he could "double for him." She said yes, and then told me that she had a mad crush on George Bush. The boyfriend, a thin, straight-standing preppy type, kept acting drunk and repeating, "How do you like this music? I wrote this music. No, she wrote it." They pretended that he was too drunk, and she "took" him outside. It was so rehearsed! For whatever reason, they have done this routine quite often, I would bet. Maybe because they're a couple, of course.

I became quite interested in watching them. I took a cellphone snapshot of her as she was yelling at the crowd, and when I looked up from doing that, the boyfriend had slipped out. Another, larger man slipped in wearing the boyfriend's shirt, unbuttoned, and lounged next to her, as if with her. I told my husband that the boyfriend had left, but he said, "No, he's right there." So even my husband, sitting right next to them, was fooled by the switch. Who were these people?

They clearly intended to be disruptive, but they sort of gave up and left when they saw that nothing could stop the people from having their conversations.

Thank you, everyone. This is America's greatest test. Let's not fail.

Everyone, ask firmly that you be allowed to watch your ballot being counted ~ it's your right. And refuse to accept watching a machine behind glass windows as a substitute for watching your physical ballot in your own precinct's polling place. Every machine can be tampered with, not to mention what can be done once you let your ballot be taken away in a sheriff's car. Let's count our votes the way the intelligent democracies count theirs: local residents counting in their voting precincts. How long does it take to count 500 ballots? Everyone can go home by midnight, and all the totals will be duly witnessed. In 2004, the only Battleground State whose official tallies matched the exit polls was Nebraska. Nebraska is the only Battleground State with a huge proportion of counties that count their ballots in-precinct, by hand. See
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