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9/11 Truth & Justice Conference Interviews

We attended the Justice & Freedom conference down in Irvine, CA on March 11th, 2007 and shot interviews of William Rodriguez, Webster Tarpley, and Peter Thottam of 9/11 Truth L.A. Questions for our guests centered around the momentum of the 9/11 Truth movement at large and their personal views on the progress and opportunities for justice:

1. William Rodriguez, 20yr employee in the WTC North Tower:

2. Webster Tarpley, author, 9/11 Synthetic Terror:

3. Peter Thottam, member, 9/11 Truth LA:

The conference was a great opportunity to meet people committed to waging peace through justice of the 9/11 crimes. Not surprisingly, one of the best speakers was Dr. Steven Jones. Once again, he gave a jaw dropping presentation by methodically explaining the results he has gained through testing some WTC samples. Dust samples obtained by Jones from NYC residents and documented through a chain of custody reveals indeed that alumnothermics, ie: thermate, played a role in the destruction of the WTC twin towers, and lesser known Building 7. Extremely high traces of sulfur and molten metal alloy were found in the samples which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that 9/11 was indeed an "inside job", ie: a professional demolition.

Regardless of your view of Rosie O'Donnell, the spin will no doubt begin when Steven Jones makes an appearance on her widely watched ABC television show "The View". With an audience extending to 30 million, Jones may be just the physicist Rosie asked for to appear before her co-workers and audience in order to explain the physics and science behind the collapse of Building 7. Certainly a conversation on that subject will include how the twin towers could have been completely destroyed.

Also, we are currently working on assembling a video of Steven Jones' presentation from footage shot at the Irvine conference as well.

New Loose Change Final Cut trailer.
Not official one but a GOOD look at what could be.

Please visit for more videos and news on The 911 REcommission Report.
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